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Annual Events


  • VAGDEVI HOMAM :   First celebration of the academic year is “VAGDEVI HOMAM” which is performed to invoke the blessing of Goddess Saraswathi. During the occasion Scholarship to deserving students, free uniforms and notebooks to the down trodden are being distributed every year. Around 400 students are benefitted every year.

  • HERITAGE: A programme highlighting on the culture and heritage of our country is conducted every year for the staff members of our school and also from different schools in and around Tambaram. Various speakers are invited to highlight on the same.

  • JOY OF GIVING DAY :   “ Mercy is twice blessed” said William Shakespeare. Every year before Deepavali, Children donate new dresses, sweets and crackers to the destitutes and orphans from any home or orphanage. This small action makes our students to understand the value of their parents and greatness of showing mercy to others.

  • ASH THE VICES.  On the day of Bhogi – the day before Pongal, Children write any one vice in them in a small bit of paper and burn the same in a fire bucket. This small action moulds every child to be a better person.

  • PONGAL CELEBRATION. Pongal is celebrated in our school with its own gay and gaiety. . The school gets a village atmosphere on the day. Every section of the school prepares Pongal in the place allotted to them. Students dress in traditional dress and bring a village outlook.

  • SPORTS DAY AND ANNUAL DAY.  Valluvar Gurukulam celebrates Sports Day and Annual Day in a very unique way. Sports Day is celebrated in two sessions both in the morning and evening with spectacular awe inspiring performance by the students. Almost 75% of the total strength participate and win prizes. Annual day celebrations highlight the high culture and dance forms of our nation. Importance is given to students  creative performance.